Should I Be Afraid to Publish My Name?, Vol. 2
I had never considered using a pen name. Not really. I don’t know why. Maybe vanity. Maybe I wanted my…
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Our Fake Lives
I don’t know how much of my life is real. Less than half, maybe. Sometimes you just have to stop…
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Road Trip!
As I do every summer, I head west today for my annual week of trouble making with family and friends…
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How to Start a Blog
Feral Wife asked: Hi Matt, I have truly enjoyed reading your blog. I found it shortly after asking my husband…
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The Magical Power of Writing for Two Years (and a Bit About Marriage)
The date came and went without me noticing. June 21 was the two-year anniversary of my first post here. You…
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11 Books That Will Make You Smarter, Sexier and Awesomer
I read a lot. I do it for three reasons: I believe it’s the most-efficient way to get smarter. I’m…
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A Funny Little Thing
Because of work stuff, I can’t write today. Soon (tomorrow?) I’m going to tell you about the time a clinical…
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Why I Wrote “An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands”
“Wow. Your marriage is a complete replica of mine except I haven’t walked out yet and you sound a bit…
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Help Me Find a Partner
My wife would get frustrated with me because sometimes I don’t finish things. It’s a pattern that reemerges in my…
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Marijuana, Bible Studies, and Bridge Construction
“Shit! I have to go.” Everything was hazy and surreal in the smoke-filled room. It’s because four of us just…
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