I Don’t Want to be a Divorce Blogger 
I don’t know what to write about. I don’t just mean right now, even though that’s also true. I mean…
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Maybe It’s Not a Popularity Contest
I want everyone to like me and when they don’t I sometimes obsess about it. I think I have it…
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Somebody’s Got to Feel This*
I was watching Benji with a group of family members in my grandparents’ living room the first time it happened.…
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Don’t Invite Me to Your Divorce Party
Because a bunch of people have been encouraging me to write for Huff Post Divorce, I’ve been spending more time…
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Why I’m Not Writing
Writing for the sake of writing is important for personal growth. But writing for the sake of writing and publishing…
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Misunderstood: The Rule of Thirds
My younger sister, a talented musician and vocalist, is afraid to write and share original music because she’s afraid of…
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The Gray Area
I prefer things to be black and white. Good or bad. Right or wrong. When there are choices to be…
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One Year Later
A year ago, I was crying at least once a week. Drinking all the time, because distracted fun was the…
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A New Page on Shitty Husbands
Because my An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands posts continue to be the most-popular things on this blog, I decided…
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I’m On Drugs
I don’t know if it’s my third straight week on antibiotics, the narcotic painkillers, or all of the things in…
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