The Single Dad Writer — A Tipsy Lit Guest Post
My son is gone half the time. But he’s really gone more than that. Because he attends school or daycare…
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How James Altucher Saved My Life
James Altucher lied to get on television because he was afraid to fly on airplanes following the Sept. 11, 2001…
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Technical Difficulties, Vol. 3
I premature ejac-posted tomorrow’s post while trying to edit it on my phone WHILE drinking. *shrug* I’m sorry. It will…
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My 15 Minutes
They say everyone gets theirs. Fifteen minutes. And near as I can tell, this is mine. Today, WordPress has featured…
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The Calm Before the Storm
“His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy There’s vomit on his sweater already…” ‘Lose Yourself,’ Eminem  Hundreds of…
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The Catch-22
Chest heaving, tears running down my face, the words pour out of me. I couldn’t hold them in if I…
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The Writing Itch and a Love Song for One
I woke up today and thought to myself for the first time in my entire life: I can write a…
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Nothing is Sound
We were standing in the kitchen, drinking, but not yet buzzed. There was a small party at our house, but…
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The Saturday Post
No one reads anything I write on Saturday. Statistically, about half as much as every other day of the week.…
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The Versatile Blogger
Just when I thought I’d wrapped up my blogging-about-blogging, Lara at Time is of the Essence had to go and…
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