If I Die Before I Wake
I think about dying sometimes. I think about dying because sometimes people die. I can’t decide how afraid of it…
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I’m Not Special and It’s Okay
I’m going to die and no one will care. I don’t mean “no one,” like zero people. Maybe someone will…
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The World Needs Clock Punchers
I bet I’ll panic when I’m dying. I get nervous about things. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be nervous about…
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The Quicksand
The more I fight it, the faster I sink. My heart beats faster—but not in an excited, happy way. More…
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The Perfect Amount of Death
Austin Kleon starts every day by reading obituaries. Not to be morbid. Not to obsess about death. Not to channel…
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Watch For Falling Prices, Vol. 2
A few days ago, I found a brown package tucked behind a planter on my front porch. I smiled. Could…
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Chauncey Billups Isn’t Real
I wanted to go to outer space. Fly in space shuttles. Eat shitty space ice cream. Play on the moon.…
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