Decent Men in Indecent Times: Rape, Sex & Locker Room Talk
Not long before my high school graduation, one of my friends said another one of my friends raped her. No…
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The Taxonomy of Married Men, Vol. 2
First we took Husbands, and split them into two groups — Good Men and Bad Men. And this isn’t about…
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The Taxonomy of Married Men, Vol. 1
Tax·on·o·my – /takˈsänəmē/ – The classification of something. Here’s the breakdown: 1. Husbands All husbands fall into one of two…
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Why Divorce Hurts Men More Than Women
First things first: DOES divorce actually hurt men more than women? I think there’s plenty of researched and anecdotal evidence…
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Male Dishonesty & Divorce: Choosing the Man Card Over Succeeding ‘Like a Girl’
Men lie constantly. I think maybe everyone does. Sometimes, they are classic bald-faced lies: “I didn’t do it!” Even though…
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Empathizing with Hitler: How Being Aware of This One Thing Can Save the World
Settle down, kids. I don’t mean it like THAT. I think I know why our relationships fail more than half…
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The Death of Manhood
I made fun of my gay friend in high school for the same reason I was afraid to tell my…
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It’s Not Your Fault, Men; Just Your Responsibility
Many men neglect and abuse their wives emotionally, and it leads to thousands of new divorces every day. Husbands do…
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How to Be a Man, Vol. 3
“This will work out,” Monty Williams said at his wife’s funeral the other day. Out of context, you might find…
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Of Course It Was About More Than Dirty Dishes
I thought it was obvious that my wife didn’t—literally—want a divorce because of some dishes left by the sink. I…
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