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The Idea That Would Have Saved My Marriage and Might Save Yours
The reasons more than half of all romantic relationships (including marriage) fail are not obvious to most people. If you…
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The 3 Eye-Roll Inducing (But Absolutely True) Steps to Finding Happiness
‘Happiness’ is kind of a bullshit word because, not unlike the word ‘love,’ it can hold different meaning for different…
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3 Ways to Move Past or Protect Yourself from Rejection in Relationships and Dating
When I wasn’t crying over my divorce and broken family, I was mostly getting dating wrong. Must Be This Tall…
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8 Ways Good People Invalidate Their Partners and Ruin Relationships
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The 4th Wedding Anniversary (That Wasn’t)
Yesterday would have been lucky-number 13. My wife and I celebrating 13 years of marital bliss. Only we didn’t. Because…
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The Magic of Boundaries: Date Well, Marry the Right Person, and Love Hard Forever
Yep. We’re talking about boundaries again. They’re THAT important. Because I’m a hack writer (or possibly just because every single…
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The Dream Weaver
As the clock ticked down on my marriage, I was a total wreck of a human being. I faked it…
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