The Science of the Heart is Sometimes Lost on Me
I used to make my wife cry because I treated her like her feelings weren’t important. “Just because you feel…
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18 Months: A Post-Divorce Milestone
I panicked when I lost my family. You freak because those you love are gone. You freak because you feel…
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It Gets Better
I read my text message and laughed out loud because my ex-wife wrote something funny. One of my friends at…
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Hope Changes Everything
In the aftermath of my wife leaving, sometimes I would sob like a small child. I spent so many years…
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The Godsmack
He gets this look on his face sometimes. My son who is nearly six. It looks almost like panic. I…
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The Single Dad Writer — A Tipsy Lit Guest Post
My son is gone half the time. But he’s really gone more than that. Because he attends school or daycare…
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Unfit for Fatherhood
The baby wouldn’t come. Push. My wife was in pain. There was a large audience of doctors and nurses. I…
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The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
Many aspects of the human experience unite us. Commonalities. Things we all share. Our DNA is similar. Our biology and…
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The 95 Percent
“Hey, Matt! Why are you always talking about divorce!?!?” Because next to things like air and food and water, I…
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An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands, Vol. 7
Divorce and broken homes and dysfunctional relationships are a global epidemic. Men have the most power to help solve the…
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