Broken Promises Ended My Marriage—Can Keeping Them Save Yours?
I break promises. I break promises, and then other people sometimes feel let down or betrayed, and then maybe I…
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Diagnosing Relationship Failure is Not for the Self-Assured
The white hair and calloused hands with a couple of missing fingertips darkened by sun, dirt and every type of…
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The Two Paths to Solving Divorce: Which Will We Choose?
There are two ways to solve society’s divorce crisis. One is pretty easy, which is great! We like easy things…
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The 95 Percent
“Hey, Matt! Why are you always talking about divorce!?!?” Because next to things like air and food and water, I…
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Sure, Marriage Sucks; But Does it Have To?
My neighbor Ryan proposed to his girlfriend this week. She said yes. I live directly across the street. So I’m…
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