Welcome to Our New Home: A Quick Catch-Up
(Image/Holy Trinity Lutheran Church) Hey everyone. Some housecleaning items. 1. Welcome to MatthewFray.com Hi. It’s new and it looks different,…
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‘We Regret to Inform You’: A Story About Marriage and Book-Publishing Failure
I felt that little jolt of hope and nervous excitement in my chest when I saw the unopened email and…
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Some People Are Women, Others Are Men, and it’s Getting Hard to Talk About
My most popular articles tell true stories about my failed marriage and also tend to include a bunch of my…
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What’s Next For MBTTTR?
“Shit or get off the pot,” is a fairly common idiom where I’m from. Aside from evoking troubling images of…
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We Interrupt This Broadcast
  Hey guys. I’ve never written a Purpose Statement for MBTTTR, but if I ever do, I imagine it will…
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How to Fail at Saving Lives
Follow these 20 steps to do it right. 1. Have your parents get divorced when you’re young. Before kindergarten works.…
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Maybe You’re Giving Too Many F*cks: A Q&A With Author Mark Manson
There are bad words in this post. More than usual. I used to publish many bad words here, but have…
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Hey, Can We Talk About a Few Things?
The irony has never been lost on me. Some divorced guy who shortchanged his marriage offering something that looks and…
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You Don’t Understand Me for the Same Reason Couples Divorce
I wrote a post exactly three months ago today which was so popular and relatable to the average married couple…
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The Difference Between Knowing the Path and Walking the Path
Because I sometimes make bad decisions and do the wrong thing, I got internet-mouthy with readers in the comments of…
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