The Death of Manhood
I made fun of my gay friend in high school for the same reason I was afraid to tell my…
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I Guess I’m a Little Bit Sexist
A lot of people read my post about “dishes” (that wasn’t really about dishes) and came away believing I’m sexist,…
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‘My Wife is Irrational, Therefore She’s Wrong’
I know it’s hard, guys. I’ll never be confused for a genius or scholar, but I’m reasonably bright in a…
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Why Couples Always Have the Same Fight
There are always exceptions to the rule. People who never smoke sometimes die of lung cancer, and some smokers live…
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Why Marriage Counseling is a Bad Idea, Vol. 1
A wife asked her husband to read my ‘Shitty Husbands’ posts, which happens more than I’d like. (Because passive-aggressively telling…
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Do You Want to Know the Secret, Too?
Everyone wants to know the secret. But it seems like no one knows it, and if they do, no one’s …
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Check Out This Other Thing
A very funny person named Mandi Castle, author of the recently released “Dear Stephanie,” and self-proclaimed “worst sisterwife,” invited me…
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I Don’t Feel It ‘Til It Hurts Sometimes
Wives and girlfriends get upset with their husbands and boyfriends because it often seems as if the men in their…
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How to Be a Man, Vol. 2
It was about 5 a.m. this morning when I discovered a subgroup of people I seriously didn’t know existed. The…
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