I Don’t Feel It ‘Til It Hurts Sometimes
Wives and girlfriends get upset with their husbands and boyfriends because it often seems as if the men in their…
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When One Becomes Two
Ali asks: You talk about the bottom being pulled out from under you a lot and how to move forward…
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An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands, Vol. 9
Sometimes your wife cries in bed alone because she wants to hang out with you and you’d rather do anything…
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One Year Later, Vol. 2
I’m back in Illinois, where my father lives and where I typically visit twice a year to catch up with…
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The Heaviest Laundry
I pulled the sexy underwear from the dryer. Black. Lace. Hot. It had been months since I’d touched her. But…
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The Inconvenient Truth About Divorce One Year Later
It makes you feel weak. It makes you feel like a chump. In manspeak, it makes you feel like a…
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It’s Okay to Hurt
Sarah was just a child when she lost her big sister. A gorgeous 17-year-old. Stricken with cancer. Died in her…
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