I Have No Idea What You’re Talking About; Do We Say What We Really Mean?
In January 2016, I published an article titled “She Divorced Me Because I Left Dishes by the Sink” which became…
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Do You Love Your Spouse Enough?: The Uncomfortable Truth About Who Should Rank #1 Among Our Spouses, Children & Parents
Where does your spouse or romantic partner rank in your life? Take all the time you need to think before…
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‘Should I Divorce My Wife?’
You two are fighting a lot, sleeping in separate places, not having sex, nor really even talking to each other…
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The Taxonomy of Married Men, Vol. 1
Tax·on·o·my – /takˈsänəmē/ – The classification of something. Here’s the breakdown: 1. Husbands All husbands fall into one of two…
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Your Wife Thinks You’re a Bad Husband Because You Are One
We have a problem, guys. I don’t know why we have the problem, but if you want to have a…
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The Magic Boner
Men frequently demonstrate wisdom and foresight to protect future interests. Saving money for retirement. Physical fitness and healthy eating. Career…
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Could the Loss of Tribe be Jeopardizing Your Marriage?
Because I’m an only child, my friends have been hugely important to me forever, and I think it was an…
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Three Years From Now 
Sarah asked:  “How would you like to see your relationships evolved in the next three years?” … If form holds,…
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