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Bad News: You Two Probably Shouldn’t Be Dating
Your relationship is probably doomed. I’m sorry, but it’s true. I’m just playing the percentages. Half of all marriages will…
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The Scary Truth About Marriage and Divorce
It wasn’t hard to spot the guys barreling toward divorce. The message was camouflaged in symbolism, so it makes sense…
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‘Got any suggestions for this exhausted wife?’
Exhausted Wife wrote: “So I recently read your open letter to shitty husbands, and actually got my husband to read…
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Is ‘Happy Marriage’ a Myth?
Deanna asked: “I’m sleeping alone after 5 years of marriage for the second time to the same man. Yes, the…
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I Might Be a Narcissist
Gill B. asked: “I usually hate psychobabble. What’s done (really done) is done, and all that. However on reading these…
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How to Start a Blog
Feral Wife asked: Hi Matt, I have truly enjoyed reading your blog. I found it shortly after asking my husband…
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Three Years From Now 
Sarah asked:  “How would you like to see your relationships evolved in the next three years?” … If form holds,…
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Stop Pretending Superman Might Lose a Fair Fight
Antivan asks: “If Superman and Godzilla got into a fight, who do you think would win?”  … Superman. Want to…
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When One Becomes Two
Ali asks: You talk about the bottom being pulled out from under you a lot and how to move forward…
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How to Own Your Shit and Never Be a Victim Again
Eilene asks: “Have you ever thought (even if briefly or secretly) that your divorce was more her fault than yours?…
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