Take Nothing for Granted
Statistically speaking, 146,000 people will die today. I wonder how many of them will see it coming. Millions lose jobs…
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The Penis Talk: A Conversation With My Five-Year-Old Son
Earlier this week, my son, who is in his third week of kindergarten, exposed his penis to other boys in…
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Grade School Shenanigans, Vol. 2: He Did What!?!?
The two most-commonly told jokes in men’s restrooms among both acquaintances and strangers, go like this: “Oh, so this is…
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Grade School Shenanigans
I kept my head down. My first-grade teacher was really letting me have it in front of the entire class.…
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Back to School
Today was my first day being a single dad on a school-day morning. This meant dressing my five-year-old son a…
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“Be Still and Know that I am God”
God talks to me. Not from a burning bush. Not from the heavens above. Not in my dreams. Not through…
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The Final Wedding Anniversary
Don’t roll your eyes. I’m not gonna do what everyone thinks I’m gonna do. Today does feel heavy, though. And…
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“Do you want to have more kids?”
Someone just asked me that. And I didn’t have an answer. But it feels like the kind of question worth…
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Confessions from my Past: The Dump Kid
When I was in eighth grade, I gave a kid a horrible nickname that people still remember today. I called…
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Too Many Spiders
My five-year-old son has developed what I’d describe as an irrational fear of spiders. He saw one in a bathroom…
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