Hey, Is Anybody Out There?

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Hey everyone. This is just a little test to see if any of you are still connected to this blog. I haven’t been writing very much lately, but the new writing I have done lives on my new Substack email newsletter, which I hope you’ll sign up for so we can stay in touch moving forward. (Let the record show that I very specifically mean a free subscription. I’m not fishing for new paid subs here. I just miss all of you long-time WordPress followers and hope posting this finds you somehow.)

I will resume creating new written and video content soon, but my Substack newsletter is mostly where that will be happening.

In the life updates department, I’m also launching a new Group monthly membership very soon for everyone who’s maybe not ready for the financial commitment or intensity of one-on-one coaching, or who might be craving the support of a like-minded community. I’m really excited about what this new community can become. Hopefully a resource for people out there who feel lonely and isolated with no one to talk to about the many relational things that impact our lives so dramatically. Even when those relational things show up super small, like an argument about a dish being left by the sink.

In addition to regularly scheduled 90-minute Zoom meetings multiple times per week available for paid members to join at their convenience, we will also be building a new online community on Discord for real-time conversations, and place for community members to gather and discuss whatever may be on their minds about relationships and family life. Please follow me on Substack for real-time updates for any of you interested in joining us. I will try to be mindful about sharing updates here as well with much more frequency than never.

Anyway. Miss you guys. If you’re reading this, let’s please reconnect. If you like reading or listening to books, and haven’t checked out my first and only book This is How Your Marriage Ends, I would be so extremely flattered and grateful if you did. (Signed copies are available here.)

Otherwise, let’s please talk soon. I hope some of you see this.

7 thoughts on “Hey, Is Anybody Out There?”

  1. If you make it down here — sorry for the lame image. It was supposed to say “HI!” There’s an entirely new way of posting images now that we’re on matthewfray.com, and I’m clearly a trashcan admin and have no idea how to do it. I’ll do better. Promise.

  2. Jennifer Anwar

    Hi! That’s mostly all but also wanted to say thanks for the book. I read it with a newly married friend in a book club format of sorts and had some really good discussions about our marriages that really helped provide some good perspective. So, thanks!

  3. Mrs. Debra Magrann

    Hey Matt (Matthew, as your mom would say) ~
    So nice that you are still helping folks after all these years.
    My hubby and I are still together (since 1995); he’s a Vietnam era veteran, so life is getting s-l-o-w.
    God bless you. Keep the flame burning.

  4. Sarah Smathers

    Still popping in randomly…I am receiving your Substack writing too. Its cool to see how far you have come. Congrats!

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