Hire Me as Your Relationship Coach and Let’s Bend Some Spoons
“Wait. What?!” you might be thinking. I get it, because that’s exactly what I said to relationship coach, speaker and…
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The Death of Manhood
I made fun of my gay friend in high school for the same reason I was afraid to tell my…
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And Then I Woke Up Three Years Later
I spent the first year depressed and freaking out. I spent the second year using reading and writing to get…
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My Podcast Conversation with Therapist Lesli Doares
I’m still working on a more sensible way to share audio content than to create a new post every time…
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Why Marriage Counseling is a Bad Idea, Vol. 2
I’ve been to marriage counseling twice. By that I mean, in two separate instances during my marriage, I agreed to…
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Why Marriage Counseling is a Bad Idea, Vol. 1
A wife asked her husband to read my ‘Shitty Husbands’ posts, which happens more than I’d like. (Because passive-aggressively telling…
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How to Start a Blog
Feral Wife asked: Hi Matt, I have truly enjoyed reading your blog. I found it shortly after asking my husband…
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The Eureka Effect: How to Save Marriages
I was crying all the time and sleeping in the guest room. It was a real shit show. My marriage…
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