Writing a Letter Won’t Convince Him to Stay, and Your Life Won’t Be Better if He Does
My heart was in the right place, but I think maybe I got it wrong when I tried to write…
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How to Be a Man
I’m going to turn 35 in 2014. Just a few short months from now. My life is not what I…
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The Writing Itch and a Love Song for One
I woke up today and thought to myself for the first time in my entire life: I can write a…
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Mr. Balls Proves Anything is Possible
If anyone ever tells you that you can’t do or be anything you want, you now have irrefutable proof they…
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The First Date
I have a date tomorrow night. My first in eons. We have dinner plans. Pretty old-fashioned. It’s a good restaurant,…
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The Underdog
I have to set the record straight. Because a lot of people seem to think I’m this big mess of…
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I May Have Serious Issues
I have a small cut on my right cheek due to a shaving accident yesterday morning that I may let…
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