Life & Love: When Basketball is More Than a Game
Six years ago, I sat in stunned silence on the edge of my living-room sofa with my hands covering the…
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More Than a Game
On Jan. 17, 1988, I sobbed on the living room floor while my mom yelled at me for crying. “It’s…
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The Secrets We Uncover
One minute I was standing on a hilltop in the Ohio countryside, scanning miles of farmland in every direction. The…
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The Saddest Place in the World
If the pursuit of happiness is our most-important Earthly mission, my neighbors and I are doing it wrong. According to…
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So This is Christmas
Christmas is less than two days away. The most-beloved holiday on the Christian calendar. It’s so popular, most of the…
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How to Swear: Welcome to O-#%!*ing-hio
Because the folks at Mashable took their sweet-ass time reporting this awesome story, many people didn’t learn until yesterday that…
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The In-Laws
The losses in divorce are great. There’s a huge pile of them. And a lot of collateral damage. With the…
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The Giving Tree
It just stands there. Quiet, steady and stoic. The ultimate wallflower. I rarely notice it. It looks just like thousands…
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The Phantom Pain
It was a typical winter day in Ohio. Around 9 a.m. Co-workers were milling around, getting coffee and chatting. I…
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How to Succeed at Anything
It’s not easy. But it is simple. If you want to succeed—in anything, whether it be love, or work, or…
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