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How the Color Purple is Harming Your Relationships
Pop quiz: If your relationship problems are decreasing mathematically and your romantic partner is observably adjusting his or her behavior…
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Prison Break: Free Yourself By Taking the Red Pill
We’re going to talk a little red pill, blue pill. Not the way dudes who hate women sometimes talk about…
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Do You Want to Dance? Or Do You Want to Dance?
I’m probably a sucky dancer. Like, to people who evaluate dance quality. When I was a little kid there were…
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Maybe You’re Giving Too Many F*cks: A Q&A With Author Mark Manson
There are bad words in this post. More than usual. I used to publish many bad words here, but have…
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How to be Less of an Asshole in Life and Relationships
Sometimes I’d walk into the living room to find my wife watching 16 and Pregnant or some other TV show…
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I’m Not Special and It’s Okay
I’m going to die and no one will care. I don’t mean “no one,” like zero people. Maybe someone will…
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A Time for Fighting
If I kill a pedestrian with my car while obeying all laws and cooperating with law enforcement, I am unlikely…
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