Nothing Quite Like Home
It’s almost an out-of-body experience. Those moments when you’re somewhere else, seeing something with your own eyes that matters to…
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Groundhog Day CXXIII
“This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather.”…
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Pottymouth Training, Vol. 2
I’ll never be able to look at him the same. Not after yesterday. Just 44 inches. He loves to tell…
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An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands, Vol. 4
She’s going to leave you. And even if she doesn’t, she’s going to want to. She’s going to fantasize about…
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The Almost Stepdad
One of my best friends just lost two children. Two little boys. The oldest, 5, and his younger brother, 3.…
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Back to School
Today was my first day being a single dad on a school-day morning. This meant dressing my five-year-old son a…
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An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands, Vol. 3
I met a shitty husband last night. And I liked him. First impressions go a long way with me. And…
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Sure, Marriage Sucks; But Does it Have To?
My neighbor Ryan proposed to his girlfriend this week. She said yes. I live directly across the street. So I’m…
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