February 2014

The First Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day in elementary school is when you found out which girls “liked” you and which didn’t. We all made…
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The Three Wishes
Everyone has considered it. Finding that genie lamp. Three wishes. “Only” three. Because we’re greedy and we want more. We…
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How I Survived Tiffany and New Kids Live
The question always puts me in a cold sweat. “Hey Matt! You’re a big music fan. What was your first…
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The Worst Cat in the World
I have a very bad cat. His name is Eli. He lives in the unfinished half of my basement, and…
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Why Kids Are Happier Than You
Kids are smarter than you. When kids aren’t crapping their pants, exposing themselves in public or throwing temper tantrums because…
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I Hope There Are Aliens
On an April Fools’ Day long before the one my wife chose to vacate our home, the local newspaper ran…
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How to Not Choose Yourself
It’s so easy to feel sorry for yourself. I do it all the time. Because I lost my wife. Because…
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The Anti-Bucket List
There are so many things I don’t want to do. Ever. Because of decency. Because of personal tastes. But mostly…
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Guest Post: The Rewritten Life
NOTE: This is the fourth in a series of guest posts set to run while I’m away. And it’s written…
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Technical Difficulties, Vol. 3
I premature ejac-posted tomorrow’s post while trying to edit it on my phone WHILE drinking. *shrug* I’m sorry. It will…
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