Why Online Dating Might Not Be For You
Maybe I was just doing it wrong. Totally possible. I’m good at several things, but there’s no reason to believe…
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Waiting for Next Time
One of the hardest parts of divorce is coping with the realization that you have to start over. Aside from…
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The Human Experience
I want to have sex with her. But I’m also afraid she’ll think I’m no good at it and tell…
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Must Be This Old To Ride
I wasn’t particularly confident or unconfident when I was a kid. But something changed mid-high school, and whatever social fears…
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I Hope There Are Aliens
On an April Fools’ Day long before the one my wife chose to vacate our home, the local newspaper ran…
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Dating After Divorce: An Exercise in Relearning
In the 1860s, despite relatively widespread use of keyboards for writing and professional communication, businessmen investing in typewritten communications were…
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