The Myth of the Nagging Wife — It’s Invisible Burns That Actually End Marriages
We sometimes hear husbands complain about their stupid, bitchy, nagging wives. Some of them probably are married to petty, unkind…
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The Truth is What We Save From the Fire
I’m afraid of someone using a circular handsaw to cut open my skull. But I’m more afraid of dying, so…
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The Third Post-Divorce Valentine’s Day
My phone buzzed. The text read: “I’m telling you now, so we don’t have to have a guilt-ridden conversation later.…
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Maybe Pain and Misery is the Only Way
I was drinking a lot of vodka to numb the pain. Not scary amounts. Nothing dangerous. But I was using…
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The Faux Apocalypse
The world ended 616 days ago when my wife moved out and my little son became someone I only got…
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Writer’s Block, Vol. 2
Muse – n. – a source of artistic inspiration. … I’m having trouble writing. Since launching this blog in late…
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It’s Okay to Hurt
Sarah was just a child when she lost her big sister. A gorgeous 17-year-old. Stricken with cancer. Died in her…
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A Glimpse
There’s a U.S. military arsenal not far from where I live—adjacent to the small township in which my ex-wife grew…
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