Moving On

The Separation Anniversary
She took off her wedding ring one year ago today. That’s when I learned she did, anyway. It was Easter…
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The Fantasy Life, Vol. 3
Not unlike some overdue library books I kept far too long, my fantasy football teams in 2013 were a reflection…
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The In-Laws
The losses in divorce are great. There’s a huge pile of them. And a lot of collateral damage. With the…
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The Fantasy Life, Vol. 2
Many of us have been there. Drinking all night. I feel fine! Totally cool to drive. Maybe your friends take…
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My Son’s Other House
The drive took one and a half songs. My five-year-old sang along with both because he has good taste like…
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The Reclamation Project
My wife moved out six months and four days ago. On April 1. I felt like a fool. But it…
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The Phantom Pain
It was a typical winter day in Ohio. Around 9 a.m. Co-workers were milling around, getting coffee and chatting. I…
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Too Many Spiders
My five-year-old son has developed what I’d describe as an irrational fear of spiders. He saw one in a bathroom…
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