If I Die Before I Wake
I think about dying sometimes. I think about dying because sometimes people die. I can’t decide how afraid of it…
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A License to Live
Within the first week of getting my driver’s license in 1995, I let a woman with two children in her…
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Who Am I?
I glanced at the calendar. The year is more than halfway over. That was fast. Maybe my life is, too.…
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The Greatest Generation
After my parents came back to the house to tell me which one of them I was going to live…
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How to Live a Regret-Free Life
You’re going to die. Just like me. It might be in 80 years. It might be in 10. It might…
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The Hourglass Theory
Great. This guy again, I thought. It was Joe. A guy I used to work with. He was a newspaper…
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