“Do you want to have more kids?”
Someone just asked me that. And I didn’t have an answer. But it feels like the kind of question worth…
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Sure, Marriage Sucks; But Does it Have To?
My neighbor Ryan proposed to his girlfriend this week. She said yes. I live directly across the street. So I’m…
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Online Dating: To Fish, or Not to Fish?
My three-month online dating subscription will auto-renew on August 14 if I don’t cancel it first. That’s my wedding anniversary.…
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Too Many Spiders
My five-year-old son has developed what I’d describe as an irrational fear of spiders. He saw one in a bathroom…
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The Fear of Losing What We Love
Three people who matter to me expressed fear about one of their human relationships in separate conversations this past week.…
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Buyer’s Remorse
And just like that <insert dramatic hand motion here>, she was gone. I don’t have the Girlfriend Litmus Test anymore.…
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The Bruno Mars Wedding
A girl I haven’t seen in 12 years has invited me to a wedding where Bruno Mars will be singing.…
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Fishing with Mandy, Vol. 2
I don’t want to walk this world alone. Like Caine in Kung Fu. Most likely, I will one day be…
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I May Have Serious Issues
I have a small cut on my right cheek due to a shaving accident yesterday morning that I may let…
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Facing the Fear
I have an unhealthy and unreasonable fear of failure. I recognize that I have this problem and that it holds…
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