Shared parenting

The 7 Life-Changing Benefits of Treating My Ex-Wife Well After Divorce
The worst day of my life wasn’t the day the divorce was finalized. It wasn’t even the day she packed…
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Divorced Parenting Requires a New Kind of Love
Oreoanonymous asked: I have been watching the struggle of my mother’s partner from his point of view, with only small…
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The Single Dad Writer — A Tipsy Lit Guest Post
My son is gone half the time. But he’s really gone more than that. Because he attends school or daycare…
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My Son’s Other House
The drive took one and a half songs. My five-year-old sang along with both because he has good taste like…
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Parenting Class
I was a half hour early. The police officer manning the security checkpoint at the courthouse had to unlock the…
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