We Do What We Know
He shot himself. Right in front of his wife because he learned she was sleeping with someone else. Just a…
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It Gets Better
I read my text message and laughed out loud because my ex-wife wrote something funny. One of my friends at…
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The Pursuit of Happiness, Vol. 3
“Happiness comes in small doses, folks. It’s a cigarette or a chocolate chip cookie or a five-second orgasm. That’s it,…
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Hope Changes Everything
In the aftermath of my wife leaving, sometimes I would sob like a small child. I spent so many years…
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One Year Later, Vol. 2
I’m back in Illinois, where my father lives and where I typically visit twice a year to catch up with…
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The Seaworthy Vessel
Uh-oh. I could feel it rising in my chest. It makes your heart pound a little harder. It reminds you…
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How to Be Hopeful, Vol. 2
Hope is most important when it feels hopeless. I’m sure everyone’s rock bottom looks and feels a little different. Mine…
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How to Be Hopeful
She would just smile and roll her eyes at me. My pretty wife. We’d be standing in the kitchen, or…
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If You Could Only Choose One: Love or Marriage?
I’m pretty good at beating myself up. If they awarded fighting championship belts for kicking one’s own ass, I’d be…
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The Dead Birds
I have never stumbled on a dead body even though there are more than seven billion people on the planet.…
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