A Vacation From My Problems, Vol. 2

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I feel good. I feel great. I feel wonderful.
I feel good. I feel great. I feel wonderful.

I’ve been away because I went on vacation and had fun and neglected this space and other life responsibilities.

It was warm and sunny and the food tasted better than I’ve grown accustomed to in this new life where I almost never cook anymore.

Sleep was scarce and now my brain doesn’t work as well as I’d like it to and I won’t be writing anything of substance until that changes.

One thing, though: Because my family is fragmented and lives far away from me, I spend the vast majority of my vacation time visiting them. What that means is, I rarely get away on anything resembling an actual vacation.

I can’t be the only one.

Maybe you are too.

If you are: Get away.

Because there is magic outside your life bubble. The same kind of magic you feel when you write about the things you think and feel and somehow actually feel better afterward. The same kind of magic you feel when you connect with people who understand you because they’ve been there too or are walking the same path.

I’m always like: Why does this help? I don’t get it.

And I no longer ask the question. I don’t understand how my heart keeps beating, or how green plants create oxygen, or how the earth keeps spinning.

It just does. It just helps.

As my friend said: “We need time to get away and sort of escape. Even if what we’re escaping from isn’t bad!”

Excellent way of putting it.

A good way to get unstuck.

After a couple good nights of sleep, of course.

As soon as I hug my son again, I’ll be happy to be back home.

I’m already happy to be back with you.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

24 thoughts on “A Vacation From My Problems, Vol. 2”

    1. Critical, sir.

      Twin Cities to south of the Mason-Dixon line for sun and drinks and laughter.

      Changes the whole world for a stretch. 🙂

      1. completelyinthedark

        Been hoping to land a new job so timing doesn’t feel right…YET. Talked to old college roomie last weekend who’s in Louisville. And I’d love to visit Memphis. Maybe late March? 🙂

  1. My landlord took a vacation and went to Cancun. Me– some say I’m paid to be on vacation. But— Marshalltown, Iowa? During a snowstorm? Not exactly a vacation hotspot.

    1. I was born in Iowa City.

      I have no idea where Marshalltown is. Far away?

      But yeah. Not the biggest tourist attraction, probably. 🙂

  2. Yes! Exactly. As I struggled to escape this past week for ONE whole day away from my kids. Who knew it would take 2 sitters and 2 pages of schedules, addresses and doctors’ numbers?! But totally worth it. Sometimes we all just need to reboot. Glad you got yours!!

    1. Thank you, Jen. 🙂

      It was excellent. I appreciate you checking it out and leaving a note. Hope your one-day trip was amazing. Those are always better than zero-day trips.

  3. I love and support this 100%. I just returned from what I was calling a “worthwhile escape” to Utah. It was DIVINE! I feel so renewed. Just me meeting up and hanging out with adult friends – some old and some I just made while I was there (who are likely to be good friends for a long while). I earnestly believe that my kids are better off with a mom who feels fresh and alive even though for four days they were babysat what I gallivanted around. Everyone needs it…NEEDS it. Good for you, Matt. Good. For. You!


    1. A worthwhile escape, indeed. And that’s such a great word: Renewed.

      You always hear the phrase about “hitting the reset button.” And in a lot of ways it feels that way. Like I have just a little more energy to get moving on some things that need tended to.

      Always good to hear from you!

  4. It is currently running an average of 45-50* here and POURING in the Northern area of the “Sunshine” State. You aren’t missing much from my vacation hot spot home!

    1. Ha.

      That’s where I was. Orlando and Daytona. It was cold the first two nights.

      But when you’re from wintry Ohio, you don’t really mind. 🙂

  5. A get away is always helpful…..I always look forward to our get away, especially at this time of the year…. It’s a slog or so it seems until spring gets here and the flowers and trees break into bloom. Hang in there, glad you’re back. Use those memories to sustain you.

  6. So did you go with your son, with friends or just you? I’ve never been much for traveling on my own, my joy comes from sharing and gets truncated if i have a great moment turn around and there’s no one to share it with. They don’t have to be doing the same thing as me or be in the exact same spot at the same time but still, I’ve had more boring trips ony own than any other way. But I am totally with you on taking time out. I come from the land of the long weekend and I get away once a year with girlfriends plus 2-3 times with just my husband and 3-4 times as a family of just us. Then there is the obligatory visit relatives trip but there are not many of them so it is only once a year. It does you good, absolutely!

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