The Write Stuff: Dysfunctional Literacy

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I wanted to screen cap the blog's page. But I am, literally, not smart enough to create a croppable screen cap on a Mac. Derp.
I wanted to screen cap the blog’s page. But I am, literally, not smart enough to create a croppable screen cap on a Mac. Derp.

I’ve decided to write about writing.

Maybe it can be a regular thing. Maybe I’ll do it every Sunday.

Maybe the Cleveland Browns will lose their NFL home opener today and I’ll off myself before getting around to doing this ever again.

Who knows? The mystery makes it fun! Like guessing the gender of hookers in Thailand.

The plan is to highlight a blog that I enjoy, encourage you to visit it, and tell you why I think it’s important.

Today, for your reading enjoyment, I’ve selected the excellent humor blog Dysfunctional Literacy.

About the Author

His name is Jimmy Norman. Maybe that’s his real name, or maybe that’s some rad pseudonym.

Maybe he’s really Jimmy Page! Or Greg Norman!

He’s published at least three books, including his latest, The Writing Prompt.

It’s hard to evaluate a person you’ve never met.

But it seems clear to me that he’s both smart and funny.

And color me simple, but that’s just about all you need to win my admiration.

About the Blog

Dysfunctional Literacy is funny. And I like funny.

I don’t do it particularly well myself, but I do think I have a keen sense of humor. And for my money, Norman’s writing is universally hilarious.

He’s currently publishing what I’m pretty sure is a fiction story with a lot of truth sprinkled in. He’s releasing it a chapter at a time, and I find myself giddy every time I find an update. It’s fantastic.

It’s called The Literary Girlfriend. And I love it very much.

Norman is a prolific writer who doesn’t seem to pigeonhole himself into any one particular subject.

The only constant among all his work is that it’s smart and funny.

Why it Matters

Dysfunctional Literacy matters because you will learn a thing or two AND have a good laugh while doing so.

My life has been wretched for a long time. A few things helped me get to where I am now, which is something much closer to normal than I’ve felt in at least two years.

Friends. Family. My five-year-old son.

The one constant theme among all of them is that we always found ways to laugh.

Laughter is the music of the soul, some wise person once said.

Corny? Sure. Overused? Probably. But true? I think so.

Laughing is my favorite brand of medicine.

So, thanks Dr. Norman for being part of my healing.

Here’s to you continuing to deliver more laughs and more smiles.

2 thoughts on “The Write Stuff: Dysfunctional Literacy”

  1. Thanks for the nice write up! When I first saw the title, I thought “He’s stealing the name of my blog… what the heck?” Then I read your post (which is always a good idea anyway), and then I thought… “Wow!” Thank you!

    1. My pleasure, sir. You should have sent some hate mail! I haven’t gotten any yet.

      Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy your writing. And I think people should be reading it.

      Here’s to hoping they will.

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